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Here we go guys again with another topic, and this time we're going to talk about bluetooth headphones. As must of you know these kind of headphones made a revolution in this field, people are no longer need to stay worrying about cables anymore while listening to music or working out at the gym, it's really a great and useful feature to have in your helmet.

The problem is not all these bluetooth headphones are good, some of them don't have a good sound quality, others are not comfortable, there are even ones that have connecting problems, and trust me you don't want to face any of these issues on your pair of headphones, especially if you spend a lot of money to get it.

So that's why Headphones World decide to provide you this list that will show the best bluetooth headphones that exist on the market right now so you don't need to worry about these problems any more.

We'll start our list by a headphones from Samsung.

1- Samsung Level Over-Ear

Samsung Level Over-EarSamsung Level Over-Ear

I know you are finding this a bit weird but yes Samsung made a bluetooth headphones and it's great ! This Samsung headphones has a very simple design, and a very low key built in features too, they come with a nice leather headband same for the ear cups, these are comfortable and great for long listening sessions, also fits completely over ears, which is great combining to it's noise canceling feature. Like most of the bluetooth headphones these are foldable, and they come with a nice carrying case. One thing you must notice in this headphones is the lack of buttons to control your music, and this is where samsung take over the other headphones on this list, this helmet have a touch panel on the side of the ear cups, that works as a controller using swipe gestures similar, you can swipe up or down to control the volume or swipe left or right to jump between tracks, double tap to play and pause. The Level Over when it's full charged can get you about 15 hours of use which is amazing, now when it comes to sound quality even if Samsung is not a big player in the headphone game this one offers super crispy vocals and if you looking for clarity these headphones got you covered, combined with the active noise canceling you can really get lost using these.

Price : 324,99 $

2- Beats Solo 2 Wireless

Beats Solo 2 Wireless

Beats Solo 2 Wireless

The Beats Solo have managed to make one of the most portable pair of bluetooth headphones that isn't an earbud, while providing much better sound then previous generations. Now let's forget about the brand and talk about this headphones, it's sleek and it has only one visible button at the body, and that's the power button, you can also use this button to check the built in battery indicator to see how much juice you've got left, it's also features a great 12 hours of battery, these also have standard music controls, the first being the Beats logo on the left ear cup, you can press to play or pause, and double tap to move to the next song and triple tap to go back to the previous one, also above the logo there is the volume up and below the volume down. You'll find the standard cushion on the headband which is very comfortable as well as some leather ear cup cushions which are very plush, now some people are not going to like the on ear headphones pressure, but the good thing about it is that they stay put, especially if you planning on using these during your workout or doing any other kind of activities. I know that you're wondering about the sound quality, these sound just like the Beats Solo 2 but with wireless feature, and if you have not heard, the Solos 2 got an amazing sound quality, but with these you shouldn't expect an insane amount of bass as they cleaned it up for some more vocals, and other details to come in more clearly, but don't worry the bass is still very pleasant and enjoyable for someone who loves bass.

Price : 199.99 $

3- Sony XB950BT

Sony XB950BT box

Now if you love bass don't look no more further these have got you covered, but we will talk about that in a second, this sony has a large over ear design, with some extremely soft and comfortable ear cups that will completely seals your ears inside making this great for long listening sessions, one lack you are going to have in these is that they aren't foldable, luckily though the ear cups do have some several action so they can lay down flat which makes transporting a bit easier if you wanna throw them in a bag.

Sony XB950BT

A nice feature that separates the XB from other headphones is the inclusion of the NFC , and if you like long listening session these headphones offers a 20 hours of battery life on a single charge.


sony xb950bt
The music controls are pretty simple as they placed together on a button slider that let's you rewind or fast-forward when you slide the button to the left or to the right, play and pause if you push the button in, you also got some other buttons like the volume control, power, and a special one called BASS BOOST you can already know what it does from it's name. Now let's talk about the sound quality as mentioned before these headphones are made for bass lovers but even if you are not crazy about bass is still provide an excellent overall performance you get some nice clarity while still having a very pleasant and deep low end, and it's great for all genres of music, and as you expect it works well with those with a heavy bass like Hip-Hop and Dubstep, and counts on Sony to take that bass to just a silly level with the BASS Boost button, which gives you an excellent performance.

Price : 148.00 $

That will be it for now, if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask !
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