Sleeping Headphones

Wearing Headphones while sleeping is not a comfortable thing to do and not the safest, but it's a great solution to fall asleep quickly especially for people who are suffering from insomnia or sleeping issues in general.

It's almost impossible if you depends on your own Regular Headphones to sleep, due to their large and a solid ear plugs, this problem could be the reason of not wearing headphones in order to fall asleep .

Fortunately, some companies has found the solution by inventing a special category called sleeping headphones, those headphones are known by their high level of comfort. we have been looking for the best one possible in terms of sound quality, design, features... And we have decided to introduce you these great headphones for sleeping .


sleeping headphones

BedPhones are one of the best sleeping headphones right now, which easily fit inside your ears and have been classed as the “thinnest headphones in the world”,  you can also use these headphones for traveling or for working out, due to it's shape and soft ear plugs they can be used for a long period of time, poses no danger to your eardrums.  

They features an inline mic for phone calls, as well as a remote for skipping tracks and volume control.

sleeping headphones

There isn't a lot to talk about , but as you see they adopt a very slick and modern look, their nice and clean design allows you to fall asleep in every position with a high degree of satisfaction.

For those of you who are wondering about sound quality, don't expect a high quality audio, but comparing to other sleeping headphones these ones are the best.

sleep headphones

They come with 2 cases, one for daily use, and a sturdy-sided travel case for long rides, also a comfy satin eye mask.

And for the price , These sleeping headphones will cost you about 44.75 $ .

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