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Sony H.Ear On : Simple And Comfortable

Written By Med on Tuesday, April 19, 2016 | 7:34:00 AM

Recently presented at the latest electronic expo of 2015, the new Sony MDR-100AAP (or Sony h.ear on) is a wired headset , very simple one with a clear and colorful design, which should target a young audience who's looking for both efficient and "stylish" pair of headphones.

The Sony H.Ear On also features a Hi-Res Audio compatibility , that means it should provide you an excellent sound performance without blowing your bank account.

Even if it comes without advanced features like Bluetooth, active noise reduction or control buttons on the headset, is the first model of Sony h.ear on range stills a good deal ? 

Sony H.Ear On

Key Features :

  • 40mm dynamic driver
  • Removable cable
  • One button remote
  • Manufacturer : Sony
Sony H.Ear On Unboxing
As you see this Sony h.ear on comes in a kind of a classic box, in the front there is a picture of the product, and in the back you can see there is some information about the headset, and by the way this Sony can work with Android, IOS, Blackberry or Windows Phone.

Sony H.Ear On Unboxing
Inside of the box you can see that it comes with a carrying bag matching the color of the product, a detachable cable with a remote control as well as the usual guarantee and user manuals.

Ergonomic And Design 4/5

The Sony MDR-100A has a solid construction and fine finishes. The set is both simple, modern and discreet . The headset is quite flexible, even though the coating is a little bit sensitive it can stand some hits. The good shape of the helmet makes it fit small heads and also the big ones.

Sony H.Ear On Design
As explained a little earlier in this article, one of the main differences of the Sony MDR-100AAP from it's competitors is particularly the colorful design. Besides the blue version we have for this test, the helmet is also available in gray, pink, yellow or red, enough to allow everyone to find a helmet fo him! 

Once on the head, the Sony MDR-100AAP offers an excellent comfortable padding thinner than some competitors pads. The pressure is distributed evenly, both in the atria and in the headband , so the helmet is quickly forgotten. On extended plays, no particular discomfort can be reported, except some heat as often with the "Over-Ear" models. Another plus, the pads do not make too much pressure on the sides of the glasses, which is finally rather rare!

Sony H.Ear On Comfort
In maintaining, this is still a success, since the new Sony headset stays perfectly in place and does not slide forward or backward at the slightest nod. Besides that, it is not necessarily a helmet for athletes, offering no particular resistance to sweat or adequate materials like the Soul Transform.

Sony H.Ear On Audio
Besides this slight defect, the Sony h.ear on therefore shows pretty decent in terms of design and comfort. The simple and colorful side of the helmet is clearly successful, displaying a modern style without falling into the "have you seen me." On the head, not much wrong with the helmet and finishes are achieved. 

Audio Quality 4/5

The new MDR-100AAP features HD 40mm transducers, and compatible with Hi-Res Audio functionality. Overall, the sound performance will clearly show perfection, with well balanced frequencies. We find a little extra dose of bass, providing additional relief on many tracks without falling into the higher bid.

Sony H.Ear On Music
when it comes to isolation, the helmet provide you a decent noise reduction, that filter much of the outside noise when the music starts. In noisy environments, like the subway or during a flight, it still remains very far from the noise reduction activates to models like the Bose QC25.

Sony H.Ear On
Last point regarding the performance, the integrated microphone. As often with headphones and mobile headsets, it is possible to get phone calls and use them in the manner of a hands-free kit. The microphone is positioned on the remote control, it will ensure that it remains relatively close to the mouth and it is not covered to get the maximum performance. In these cases, the voice is captured clearly and precisely, and stills perfectly audible to the recipient.

We Liked :

  • Comfortable                                                         
  • Balenced sound
  • Hands-Free Calling
  • Quality of material
  • High Res Audio Quality

We Didn't Liked :

  • No volume control buttons
  • Makes the ears a little bit warm

Conclusion 4/5

The Sony H-Ear On is a nice success and has good qualities too. It offers precise and smooth sound and it looks absolutely amazing specially with these bold colors that you can choose from, while providing also good comfort. Besides that the sound reproduction deserves more sharp and better treble. The lack of volume control also adds negativity in the balance.

Price : 198 $

 Sony H-Ear On

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