Purple Beats

As we all know most of you like purple color, and specially girls, it's a very attractive, stylish and nice looking color, so a purple headphones going to definitely look amazing on you.

You may wondering about sound quality, of course i didn't forget that , it's the most important thing in headphones, so that's why i have chosen the best brand of headphones that known by it's sound quality.
  it's call beats -most of you know it-. Beats are designed to allow you to hear the music as intended by its artists. With its ability to make the smallest sound details , you will be surprised to hear a song that you think you know in a way you've never heard before. Beats have a very soft headband as well as the ear cushions in order to get a perfect comfortable fitting, so it still feels great even after wearing it for a long time.

You can have your Purple Beats headphones smooth and robust without forgetting its excellent audio performance. You can now enjoy music in style.

Beats Solo 2 is a foldable headset, that is designed for daily activities due to its lightweight and small size, the thing that makes it easy to transport. The great thing about these headphones is the ability to provide the sonic details that are usually absent in small headsets, a great choice for music lovers. You will be surprised to hear small headphones that are capable of delivering sound that is realistic.

So let's take a look at this great model from Beats By Dre :

purple beats

purple beats

purple beats

purple beats

purple beats

As you see these Beats headphones adopts an elegant and luxury design helps you become stay ahead of the pack. Advanced internal technologies, design blocks outside noise and allow you to enjoy crystal clear sound . It is robust and durable in order to put up with daily activities.

Specifications :

* New Super -durable Headband

The Purple Beats Solos now built with silent and flexible material to virtually eliminate cracking and breaking.

* Integrated microphone for handsfree calls and Chats online
integrated mic Controltalk allows you to talk hands -free on your Phone. It works with voice or video chats on iPod touch or iPhone.

* Control iPod and iPhone easily
ControlTalk let you control the sound of your iPod or iPhone from the cable, including pause/play , skipping tracks and volume control.

* Folding design and Touring Case
Folding Design makes the Solos have three-way packaging . In addition, the included touring case features rugged construction for enhanced protection of your headphones.

* Available in black and white
If you really like Purple Beats headphones, but you don't like the purple color , it's also avaiable in black and white.

* Monster clean cloth
ultra-soft cloth with AEGIS antimicrobial to clean your headphones and makes it look even sharper.

In Short Purple Beats headphones are ideal for you in all occasions .

Price : 129.99 $

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  1. Nice One, I really liked this purple headphones, i'm thinking about buying it !

    1. I have already buy it, it's a wonderful headphones, you should definitely try it .


  2. Product quality is excellent. Great deal at this price range, If you don't have them you are really missing out. You have to experience it yourself to understand the full potential of this product. beats headphone check it once you will get some good stuff here.