Headphones With Microphone

Headphones to play, that's fine. But why just listen when you can also contact ? For fans of online gaming and also for users of VOIP software, we decide to make you a list of the best headphones with microphone.

It is common to hear that headphones with microphone are lower quality than simple stereo headphones. that's why we made you today a selection of the best headphones with mic wich combines quality, price, and comfort...

Now let's begin with a pair from Sennheiser :

1- Sennheiser PC 350 :           

Sennheiser PC 350

This is an old helmet: two mini-jack connectors, no treatment, no housing DSP strange. Obviously, if the computer's sound card is not terrible, defects of the signal will be heard. The PC350 is not a lot of concessions at this level. Yet it is one of the few products to be as comfortable in a game, film or music. Essential for those of you who wants a comfortable headphones so that they could be able to wear them for long sessions.

Price : 249.95 $
2-Tritton AX Pro

Tritton AX Pro

The strength of the AX Pro is its wide compatibility. Xbox 360, PS3, PC, ... It supports any type of wiring at the same time. Very convenient for the player who does not want to invest in several headphones, no more than he wanted to systematically rewire installation at each change of source. 
This one is the most suitable headphones for gamers , besides it's amazing comfort, the price can be affordable.

Price : 215.59 $
3- Plantronics RIG

Able to juggle between smartphones and computer sounds, the RIG is an aesthetic helmet, well built and finished, with a sound closer than correct. A well balanced product, not the best choice for gamers but it can be if you looked at the price.

Price : 70.15 $

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