Studio Headphones

The Studio requires a pair of headphone offering a high level of sound quality , comfort is also very important because the studio headphones should be used without fatigue during long hours , so in this article headphones world run through 3 of the best studio headphones for 2016 , Which combines high quality and low prices .

1-Audio Technica ATH-ES88   

Audio Technica ATH-ES88

Price : 147.31 $

Audio Technica ATH-ES88 is a concentrated genuine expertise of the famous Japanese firm.
it's ear pads built with membranes fiberglass, it's design and ergonomics make it a helmet at the forefront of technology. Featuring 40mm drivers, the Audio Technica ATH-ES88 headphones has a aluminum body, very resistant to shocks and vibration limits. The bandwidth ranges from 5 Hz to 40 kHz and can reproduce more information than most of its competitors. The bass is properly restored, enveloping and deep .

2-Shure SRH-940
Shure SRH-940

Price : 299.00 $

This one is developed as a Hi-Fi headphone by Shure it is for listeners who want to enjoy music in the best conditions of comfort ,with its wide velvet ear pads, the SRH-940 is a great choice for an over ear headphone . It runs by 40mm transducers driven by neodymium magnets. The bandwidth is ideal, 5 Hz to 30 kHz, for an effective return of harmonics and enhance the credibility of the soundstage. The bass is deep, clear and sharp really fine medium. 
3-Shure SRH-840

Shure SRH-840

Price : 199.00 $

Shure SRH 840 has transducers of 40 mm diameter. Powered by powerful neodymium magnets, they offer a frequency response of 5 Hz to 25 kHz, with deep bass and clear treble. The high sensitivity of the Shure SRH 840 guarantees a powerful and dynamic sound even at low volumes. Its large and soft ear pads have a reasonable weight and they are particularly comfortable to use.

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