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Bose QuietComfort 35 Review : Close To Perfection

Written By Med on Friday, October 14, 2016 | 9:54:00 AM

Bose manufactures some of the best ANC (airplane noise cancelling) headphones out there. Its features, which include QuietComfort range, make commutes so much more enjoyable.

The US firm's ANC technology is world-renowned because of its clever and industry-leading implementation. We’ve been using the QC15 headphones every time we travel and have been since they debuted nearly seven years ago.

Bose modified the successful formula of the QC25, which is a vast improvement, as we didn’t particularly care for the lack of a built-in battery.

The Bose QC35 Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones stand out from other Bose models, despite looking like most of them. The company’s ground-breaking ANC technology features wireless Bluetooth, in addition to the aforementioned rechargeable built-in battery.

Bose QC35 review
Are the QC35 then the greatest travel headphones out there?

Bose QC35 Review: No More Wires

Connectivity via Bluetooth is lauded in an era where headphone jacks on mobile phones are in the process of being phased out. Pairing several devices with Bluetooth couldn’t be easier.

On the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, the adapters connect to traditional types of wired headphones. There are numerous lightning headphones available but are mainly developed to utilize Bluetooth. It's the beginning of a large sweep of changes in premium phones.

Bose QC35 review

With regards to mobility, not only does it offer headset freedom, which is most beneficial if you’re on a long flight, but it will also accommodate all smartphone devices, regardless of whether or not they dole out sockets.

Several people will express sorrow about the lack of compatibility, but keep in mind that only a handful of smartphones support it, so it’s understandable why Bose deemed it unnecessary for its primary target market.

That said, the QC35s have NFC built into it for simple pairing on supported devices. Additionally, there’s an app for iOS and Android called Bose Connect that provides the user with better control over each device paired with it.

Bose QC35 Review: Design

In terms of style, the QC35 can match just about any smartphone, as it comes in both silver and black. Differing from prior models, the colors are somewhat monotonous. The headband matches the ear cups for a consistent look. As such, the QC35s are not as gorgeous as similar headphones made by other brands, but then again, they weren’t developed for fashion.

Bose QC35 review

As far as comfortability goes, the ear cups are soft as a pillow. They are made from synthetic leather. The durable headband has springs that clasp around your ears without constricting them.

Bose QC35 review
Even the noise-cancelling technology provides comfort - several ANC headphones can produce an earache when worn for a lengthy duration, which can be inconvenient during a long flight. Bose QuietComfort models have the ability to cancel out circulating noise efficiently without any discomfort.

Bose QC35 Review: Powered Listening

There is one downside: you need to have the ANC switched on for the Bose headphones to work. You won’t be able to listen to anything without activating it. If your batteries happen to run out, you won’t be able to use these cans.

Bose QC35 review

Other Bluetooth headphones are accompanied with cables to let you keep listening when your batteries conk out. The cables will kick in when the ANC and Bluetooth switch off. The QC35s come with a cable so you can preserve battery power. However, you won’t be able to listen to anything if there's no charge. This has never been a problem for us.

Bose QC35 review

In addition to the Bluetooth, the QC35s feature a rechargeable battery with substantial capacity that lasts for about 20 hours, including completely flowing ANC and wireless functionality.
We've flown over the Atlantic a couple of times without requiring a recharge. Keeping in mind the number of modern planes that offer USB power points, it is unlikely you’ll be left without a charge.

Bose QC35 Review: Audio Quality

Perhaps the most vital feature of the QC35s is its audio performance.

The ANC utilizes a pair of microphones to examine and tunes out ambient noise. The built-in digital equalizer provides smooth and precise audio representation. We think they are impressively neutral during playback, particularly since a lot of manufacturers are lenient towards throaty bass.

Bose QC35 review

One could make the argument that the sound may be too clear, allowing you to hear feedback on low-quality files. It’s a simple workaround, however. Simply needs to encode such files at higher bitrates.

Bose QC35 review

They are amazing with speech and video tracks in movies as well.

Further, Bose has placed significant emphasis on making sure the audio during phone calls is flawless. If you have an iOS device, you can also choose to speak to Siri wirelessly.

Bottom Line

As users of the QC15 for years, we highly-anticipated a Bluetooth edition, and we were not let down when the QC35 debuted. They are outstanding when it comes to audio playback and amazing in cancelling out active noise, both of which can be done without wires.

We welcome the rechargeable battery, as we no longer have to worry about carrying AAA batteries around just in case.

Let’s end this review by saying that the Bose QuietComfort 35 are definitely the ones to grab either for traveling, for workouts, or for people who are just looking for the best pair of headphones that features both wireless and noise canceling, the only thing that could stop you from buying it is the way that it looks.

Price As Tested : 349.00 $

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