Sleeping Headphones

Written By Med on Friday, December 6, 2013 | 1:43:00 PM

Wearing Headphones while sleeping is not comfortable thing to do and not the safest. Specially with these Regular Headphones , which have a large and solid exterior piece for each ear, this problem could be the reason of not wearing headphones to get some sleep .

Fortunately, some companies has found the solution by inventing a special category called sleep headphones, which can be used safetly and comfortably . So today we are going to show you the best one of these sleep headphones .


sleep headphones

BedPhones are one of best sleep headphones, which easly fit inside your ear and have been classed as the “thinnest headphones in the world”.

sleep headphones

I won’t talk a lot about that, but they're quite, slim and small , their nice and clean design allows you to fall asleep in every position with a high degree of satisfaction .

sleep headphones

They are also come with a nice case that have an amazing design for keep them safe , included sturdy-sided travel case for long rides, and a comfy satin eye mask .

And for the price , These amazing sleep headphones cost 59.95 $ .

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