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Best Headphones For Music Lovers

Written By Med on Friday, January 24, 2014 | 2:06:00 PM

Music has become these days a necessary thing in our life especially for youngsters, so it will be needful to have a good pair of headphones , whatever kind of music that you like .

choosing a good headphones for music that suits you and your music , it's kind of difficult , because you can't decide which one is better in terms of sound quality, comfort...

Some headphones are better for certain situations but others are not , for example if you are working in a very loud places , i advise you to read this article "noise cancelling headphones" . but if you don't need noise reduction, keep reading and you may find the one for you.

1-Sony MDR-X05
Sony MDR-X05
As you see the Sony MDR-X05 got an amazing design with a pretty good balanced sound, it is absolutely a great headphones for young people who loves music . Sony promises more colors than current models: red, black, white, red on black and black on red, Only bad thing is the price.

Price : 138.80 $                  
2-Bose QuietComfort 15

Bose was the first to develop the technology of active noise reduction . So this one is the best in terms  of noise reduction, as well comfort , the sound quality is pretty good actually thanks to the noise isolation you will be able to enjoy music better in lower volumes. Design it's not perfect, but for serious listeners who don't pay much attention to the look this one is for you !

Price : 289 $ 
3-Grado PS1000

This Grado PS1000 have the best sound quality on this list , as well as comfort, the reason for not putting it on the top , it's the price , it's cost about 1700 $ . we will be publishing a new article soon that covers the most expensive headphones and we are going to talk about it there in details , just stick to us !

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