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KG-200 : The First Gaming Headphones Of Klipsch

Written By Med on Saturday, April 19, 2014 | 12:04:00 PM

Klipsch is a specialist of Hi-Fi & Home Cinema longtime ago ,the speakers of Klipsch is one of the biggest names in the history of audio. it always had that look of "not bad", giving an energetic and muscular sound. So today we're going to show you the Klipsch first headphones for the world of gaming. Are you excited ? let's go !

Klipsch KG-200 Gaming Headphones
The new Klipsch KG-200 is unlike any helmet that would have seen before. The American brand has made efforts to design so that there is no common feature with any competitor model. The style is both vintage and modern, slightly "steampunk". This fits in well with the universe of some post-apocalyptic video games. 

The closed ear KG-200 are designed to provide a good level of sound insulation. They are pear-shaped and equipped with transducers 40mm in diameter. Their pads have a very thick coating of special fabric to remain comfortable and easliy absorb sweat when playing several hours.

The microphone placed on a flexible arm is very directive to accurately capture the voice of the user and not be disturbed by ambient noise.

Kilpsch KG-200 Gaming Headphones

Klipsch KG-200 is optimized to work with most consoles, PlayStation4, PlayStation3, Xbox 360, Xbox One (with optional adapter) and PC. and it's got an energetic sound quality , it's absolutely amazing !

All controls for adjusting audio playback are available from large buttons located on the right atrium. You can adjust the levels of the chat, game or microphone. It is also possible to choose between four equalizer curves : 
  • Fidelity: A clear and balanced for every game sound. 
  • Combat: Lower optimized to make more realistic effects of explosions, gunfire and voices. 
  • Stealth: Acute and net mediums to feel every detail of the game 
  • Sport: The bass and mids set for more accuracy in the game

Kilpsch KG-200 Gaming Headphones
I think the launch price of the KG-200 Headphones will be 250 $. It should be soon followed by a second Klipsch model relatively similar, but with wireless connection, the KG-300.

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