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Test : Monster N-Pulse, A Headphones For Aspiring DJs

Written By Med on Monday, August 18, 2014 | 7:29:00 AM

Monster N-Pulse is a headphone that belongs to the N-Credible series of Monster, a series which has also N-Tune. With swiveling ear cups and structurally low sound, the American brand that we considered as the perfect headphones brand for hardcore enthusiasts mixing and DJing. Nothing more to say, let's head it to the test ...

Monster N-Pulse Headphones Box

Ergonomics : Difficult to transport

The N-Pulse is the only headphone circum-aural type of the N-Credible series.
Its particularity : swivel ear cups for DJ playing. To carry in a bag, it is a different problem : Bulky and the hinges that don't let you put the ear cups on flat position. The colors are more limited than those of the N-Tune, and especially less happy (white and black in the catalog). The only positive point is the anti-tangle and detachable cable.

Monster N-Pulse

Of course, there is a small remote control, microphone, but it is limited, as the N-Tune, to make calls ​​or to put a piece in pause / play. In return, it is compatible with all smartphones (Android and iOS). It is time that manufacturers are heard together and to create a universal command and more convenient to use.

The side of robustness : Padded rubber band just below the arch comes off easily; so we avoid too play with. Fortunately, the atria pivot hinges seem well built and in good order. We still regret the difficulty rotate. For the rest, this helmet is well assembled and offers a good finish, despite the screw left exposed inside the hoop. This however seems to go with the design of the atria, which are also 3 screws visible. And also the N-Pusle headphone is very comfortable during most of activities.

Monster N-Pulse White

Audio : A Sound That You Never Heard Before

With the Monster N-Pulse circum aural headphones , no need to choose between deep bass and crystal details. The reproduction is accurate and showed a lot of richness and clarity throughout the audio spectrum. The bass is particularly strong and very generous, ideal to keep the tempo in the evening, and the mids and highs are well defined.

Due to its closed design and thanks to its wrap and insulating pads, the Monster N-Pulse offers excellent soundproofing. Whether you are trying to host a party in the middle of a session before your mixing console, or simply in the subway, train or plane, this headset lets you enjoy your music without being disturbed by the sounds around.

Conclusion :  

Benefiting from the expertise of the American manufacturer in the field of audio reproduction, the Monster N-Pulse headphones give you an excellent acoustics and a very good material quality with an amazing price, so that you can exercise your talents in the best possible terms.

Price : 179.99 $

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