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You can really take your music with you wherever you go. No matter what sport you love, swimming, running or whatever, swimming headphones will let you listen to your music while you stay active. These headphones are designed to provide sound quality, even when immersed in water. Many of these swimming headphones let down about ten feet in water for thirty minutes . The capabilities of these swimming headphones are great, and when the headphones are dirty or something like that, wash it off with water and a little a bit of soap. At the end of the day, you are getting a  new headphones with a nice sound. if you don't really need waterproof , check out these great headphones for workout , or if you just want to listen to your music quietly , take a look at the best noise cancelling headphones.

And Now if you still reading let's us show you the best swimming headphones of 2016 :

1- H2O Audio Surge Sportwrap+1 Waterproof
H2O Audio Surge Sportwrap+1 Waterproof
Price : 59.99 $

This pair of headphones especially designed for sport and particularly water activities has a "choker" design ensures good performance during the year. They are completely sealed and waterproof and can be used underwater, a great gadget that guarantee you a total isolation even under water. We also love their powerful bass that should motivate you to do a few more laps .

2- Sennheiser Adidas CX 680i

Sennheiser Adidas CX 680i

Price : 59.99 $

Although this pair of Sennheiser is not fully immersible and therefore it is not appropriate for swimming, the design allows it to survive a shower after your exercise. We love the superb audio quality and the very good performance even during exercise, Also the great thing about it is the smart remote that comes with a mic and the EarFin holding system that offers you a secure and comfortable fit during workouts. If you find this model a little bit expensive you can check the CX 680 for about 42$ it comes with the same features as the CX 680i except for the smart remote and the mic.

3- Sony Walkman Sports MP3 Player

Sony Walkman Sports MP3 Player
Sony Walkman Sports MP3 Player

No cable, an integrated MP3 player, water-resistant up to a depth of 2 meters, the NWZ-W273 Sony headphones are really impressive! A really different product from others since you no longer need to have a music player, everything is already integrated. Sold already immersed in a bottle filled with water, we particularly like the quick charge feature. Indeed, just three minutes of charging and you can enjoy your music for about an hour, so that autonomy can go up to 8 hours after a full charge. Besides that this Sony comes with a 4GB of Storage and can be up to 8GB. Available in black, white, blue or pink.

Price : 98.00 $ 
4-Philips Sports Earhook

Philips Sports Earhook

This pair of headphones is made to perfectly resist sweat and rain. We especially like the very good performance that allows listeners to have an amazing sound experience , the ultrasoft silicon caps and the ultra lightweight of this earbuds let you enjoy your music in the most comfortable way . Also you should be aware that they are not 100% waterproof and therefore they are not suitable for swimming but they are great for any workout. there are 2 versions of this model, one comes with a microphone and the other one without it of course the last one is a bit cheaper.

Price : 38.99 $ ( With Microphone )

Price : 18.65 $ ( Without Microphone )

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