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The Best Of Wireless Television Headphones

Written By Unknown on Friday, October 11, 2013 | 12:54:00 PM

Wireless television headphones use wireless by HF radio technology or even an infrared link. These are power-intensive, but it's a detail when we speak of household use. All being well think about always stand the headphones on its recharge to not foolishly fall down in the middle of his favorite movie. Wireless television headphones usually come with a base that allows to put his helmet elegantly while recharging.Wireless television headphones that we're gone to show you here are above all instruments to listen and we wanted to put the priority on sound quality and comfort. The comparison includes the Helmets semi-open or closed. The first are generally more comfortable, the latter better isolate ambient noise, they are also audible from the outside.

These are just 
Wireless television headphones ,but if being TV isn't a requirement, check out these amazing noise cancelling headphones !

1-Sennheiser RS 130

Sennheiser RS 130
Price : 149 $
The Sennheiser RS 130 Wireless television headphones impresses above all by its sleek and very air look. The database is used to charge the headset is even very successful and moves smoothly in a salon. The helmet is sober and its finish is impeccable. It is very light and knows how to be forgotten when it is used. As the HEARO 787 Surround, RS 130 incorporates in its base a processor capable of reproducing sound surround the headset. It is a SRS 3D processor that can process any stereo source and reproduce a spatialized sound. Attention, it is not decoding Dolby ProLogic as is the case on the hearo rear panel.

2-AKG hearo 787 Surround
AKG hearo 787 Surround
Price : 234.00 $
HEARO 787 Surround takes up the same technical basis as the K 506 AFC, but with a few technicalities that are sure to challenge you if you are looking for headphones for watching movies. Its base, on which it poses and recharges the headset has a compatible audio processor Dolby ProLogic (see box for details). This is a definite asset as the result in movies, or with certain pieces of music is undeniable, the virtual positioning of the sound being especially effective.

3-Sony MDR-R850RK
Sony MDR-R850RK
Price : 99.99 $ 
The MDR-RF850RK is designed on the same technical basis as the MDR-RF820RK. This close it as a helmet closed. It is therefore very little audible from outside and provides increased sound insulation. Similarly, that significantly change the characteristics of the sound since the back of transducers is closed instead of simply covered with a grid. The MDR-RF850RK has a system of automatic adjustment of the frequency with the issuance basis, unlike the 820RK model that requires the manipulation of a wheel. Finally, the design is a bit more polished with red shells.

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