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Aviator Headphones - Skullcandy

Written By Med on Saturday, November 30, 2013 | 8:01:00 AM

Skullcandy wants to stand out from its competitors. After starting the march of "Fashion" headphones with its highly distinctive in skull logo, the firm is looking for a quality sound reproduction. To achieve nothing beats a good old poaching of its engineer at Bose. After this good news - for us, not for Bose - see if the operation was successful.

Ergonomics: Comfort is the appointment

The packaging of this Aviator headphones is very well done, a real work has been done for a very convincing result ... unless one is afraid of skulls. The more timid or shy, rest assured, this signature is much less apparent on the product where a single logo is located at the hinge. After all, it is only the packaging ...

Skullcandy Aviator Packaging

Once unpacked, we take the aviator headphones in hand, and this is a good surprise: its retro look fits perfectly with the name. It's missing the bomber jacket and Ray-Ban. First satisfaction, Aviator uses quality materials: the arch and the metal hinges exude strength, soft leather lining is of good quality, inlays logos are discrete.

skullcandy aviator headphones

Hulls that allow transparent polycarbonate transducers appear on the black and brown versions are tasteful. However they offer a made ​​much more opaque plastic chrome and white versions. The same applies to all the colors for the remote, really disappointing.
It allows to take the call, to increase the volume or change the track playing.
The pads are triangular, soft leather. In a flawless finish, they seem to make a real comfort.

Headphones SettingRemote Controle

This confirms once again the aviator headphones placed on the head, its lightness and comfort make a great item and will have no problem to wear for several hours even if a little warm sensation is felt.

Another good note, the braided cord, detachable standard and a leather case lined make the construction of this aviator headphones is almost faultless. You even have the right to a small cloth to remove fingerprints, you'll often need the chrome version of ...

Audio : An unexpected sound reproduction

Skullcandy was expected to turn and much to say right now: it's a real nice surprise. While it is far from being the most neutral but his signature "V" offers a pleasant sound reproduction without being too aggressive.

Despite a fairly Basseux behavior, which although lower midrange and treble present that fly around 8 kHz necessarily put some tools before but maintain a proper balance of both sides of the spectrum.

On dynamic music, no problem, the Aviator headphones is a hit. Lower punchy spectrum accommodates many brilliant highs. Note, however, low tend to hang slightly and the highest peak in the treble tape right in the area sibilance. In general, a very dense music, Aviator headphones can find it.

Side distortion little to say. It is higher at the beginning of the spectrum but it will have little impact on sonic accuracy given the frequency range concerned.

A blackhead is still to emphasize that the near-zero insulation. It will therefore not recommended for use in transport and other uses of this type. Besides the risk of damaging your ears, turn up the volume disturb your immediate neighbors.

Faced with reliable values ​​of the area as the HD-25 or the Crossfade LP, the Aviator has distinguished itself with a quirky look, a sound of its own and a very appreciable level of comfort. Skullcandy aviator headphones has made efforts on the audio portion of its products and it can only satisfy us.

Conclusion :
Skullcandy Aviator headphones has pleasantly surprised us by releasing a quality product. The Aviator headphones retro look has offered a true musical identity that we appreciate as well done.

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