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Top 3 PS3 Gaming Headphones In The World

Written By Med on Thursday, January 2, 2014 | 2:06:00 PM

On this one, we have for you the best ps3 gaming headpones in the world, This classification is made from the best sales, consumer reviews, tests and ratings of the specialized press . (if you need headphones that have an amazing microphone , you can check out our list of the best headphones with microphone )

1-Turtle Beach Ear Force PX51

Turtle Beach Ear Force PX51

Price : 250.14 $

With Gaming Headset Ear Force XP510 Turtle Beach, the sound quality is up to your games. This wireless headset has a dual band without interference and Bluetooth Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing you to connect a smart phone or other compatible device. Dolby digital surround sound is enveloping, while the rechargeable battery provides up to 15 hours of play .
2-Tritton AX Pro v1.5 
Tritton AX Pro v1.5

Price : 147 $

True 5.1 headset, the Tritton AX Pro provides do your ears no less than 8 speakers, with individual control for each! With 6 speakers, 30 mm diameter, 40mm and two subwoofers, directional precision 3D informs you of the pitfalls that contains your environment: footsteps, charger, whispers ... You can steer without surprises to fear!
3-Astro Gaming 40
Astro Gaming 40

Price : 274.55 $

While the Astro A50 is a much newer helmet, players all over the world - professionals and amateurs - swear by their A40s. For this reason, Astro has continued to support the old model, and published in 2013 for those who still jump on the moving train improved edition. Enhancements include improved precision surround sound and a MixAmp Pro updates that audio play voice, several equalizer presets and balances connections between several pros MixAmp for private voice network. The MixAmp Pro also has an output of your voice, makes it incredibly easy to live life for YouTubers and banners. If there was ever a time favorites get on board with one of the communities helmets, it is now .

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