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Headphones Review : Sony MDR-1R

Written By Med on Friday, January 17, 2014 | 3:48:00 PM

Sony MDR -1R signs very well finished headphones, comfortable with a nice sound reproduction.

Sprawling firm and multi-disciplinary team , Sony has a long tradition and experience in the audio. Know-how that is expressed entirely with MDR -1R headphones . A 250 € , it is clearly positioned in the high end. A claim assumed and guaranteed by its design and performance.

    Perfect Design :     

The Sony MDR- 1R, circum aural headphones ( which is placed around the ears and covers ) , relies on a metal structure for the arch and fixing headphones. All mixed with a certain elegance of leather , plastic and metal. The finish does not suffer from any defect , even light . Strength seems appropriate. The MDR -1R has resisted our different gesture of abuse. But we have to wait too little time for catching it between our hands to really test his endurance and assess its progress over time.

Sony MDR-1R Headphones

Headband and earpieces are padded with foam and leather. This padding provides excellent comfort when wearing the MDR -1R . The arch rests gently on top of the head and headphones completely cover the ears with a slight pressure. An asset for comfort. The MDR -1R can be worn for hours and be forgotten . The helmet comes not compress the ears. As a spectacle wearer , this is a rather pleasant thing .The Sony MDR -1R adjusts in height and of course the headphones are hinged to fit all body types.

Design side , Sony offers two versions " graphics " of his MDR -1R : a red and black , the other brown and silver . The manufacturer also offers a complete package . Accompany the MDR -1R : a very strong and slightly padded and two cables (one has a microphone and remote control compatible with Apple products ). Like many headphones today , the cables are not fixed and loose. Good for the integrity of the helmet during a sudden tension, or when it comes to replace them. The length of those delivered to 1.2 m. An ideal length condition mobility, but a little short for use in the office or in the living room. Two uses fully compatible with the qualities of MDR -1R .

Sony MDR-1R Headphones

   An Amazing Sound Quality :

This Headphones comes with 40mm driver , neodymium magnet and a liquid crystal polymer membrane with a frequency response of 80 Hz to 4 kHz. Very high specification . For the record, the audible frequencies (for most people , on average ) extend from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. Suffice to say that the MDR- 1R explodes barriers . This is not necessarily useful , and does not constitute a guarantee of quality . When listening, the MDR -1R offers great performance and is ideally suited to mobile devices ( phone, tablet , walkman). By circum aural character helmet Sony offers its diffuse much more omnidirectional. It is much more enjoyable and less tiring for tracks that extend .

The audio quality is the appointment with the MDR -1R . Even if it proves not to be as neutral as the Spirit One , the audio spectrum is reproduced with balance and dynamics. Sony leaves a little more room for serious but without overdoing it in the field . You end up with a sound overall "round" without losing accuracy. A rather pleasant sensation. Remains as to the colors, the audio remains a matter of taste. so you Have to try it before you buy, if this is possible.

Sony MDR -1R declines in two versions . The MDR- 1RBT with Bluetooth connectivity with battery and NFC pairing , and MDR- 1RNC with a system of Noise Canelling .

Price : 199.00 $

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