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Beats Studio Wireless Headphones Review

Written By Med on Sunday, June 12, 2016 | 8:02:00 AM

All right guys here we go again with another review and this time we are going to talk about the Beats Studio wireless headphones and it's the newest model of Beats line and let me start off by saying that it is not cheap, it's the most expensive headphones in the line including the special editions but let's take a look and see if it's worth your $300.
beats studio wireless vs beats studio
Now if you're familiar with the new Beats Studio you pretty much know what this studio wireless is all about, almost. taking a look at these headphones you can see that it looks exactly like the new studio in every way except for the new black matte finish, the Beats studio wireless comes also in a few other color options and you have your standard black blue red and the second called titanium, the matte black finishe is my favorite amongst the selection as it helps the headphones to have a slick and low profile design.

Design And Comfort :

beats studio wireless colorsSomething you don't see often with Beats the matte black finish, it actually don't get fingerprints unless you have greasy fingers, the overall design is very nice with the studio wireless and I'm actually pretty glad that they went with the exact same look as the new Studios.

They feature a strong comfortable headband as built quality is one of the biggest concerns people have with beats, but there are no concerns to be had over here as these are quite durable unless you plan to mingle them and there is strength tests all over youtube to prove it, the headband is also adjustable, you'll also get an extremely comfortable ear cushions and these are easily amongst our favorite headphones when it comes to comfort, the cushions are large and very plush and your ears should have no issue fitting in for a nice over ear experience. 

Features :

beats studio wireless headphones micNow let's talk a little bit about the features, if you couldn't tell, these are wireless headphones so they're packing Bluetooth technology and although they look identical to the new Studios they actually have a different ear cup which actually packed all the Bluetooth controls above the Beats logo you'll find the volume up and down, the logo itself is a button that functions similarly to inline remote found on headphone cables you see today, you can press to play pause music double tap to skip a track or triple tap to go back to the previous song.

When I first saw these headphones I didn't think they came with any of these controls because of their overall design, the headphones don't have any indication that it has Bluetooth controls built into it unlike most Bluetooth headphones that usually have buttons all over for you to press, so bonus points for that, and as these are Bluetooth headphones they also include a built-in mic for those of you who want to have a hands-free phone conversation, you also get some pretty good range with the Bluetooth feature they can reach about 30 feet range and that it's pretty accurate from our experiences, the Beats studio wireless also features a battery indicator to give you an idea of when you'll need to get your next charges, when using Bluetooth you get about 12 hours of battery and about 20 hours if you're using the cable and for those of you who wondering you can use the cable with these if you don't want to use the Bluetooth features, however one of the biggest concerns you may have is that you still need power in order to use these headphones if the battery is drained you won't be able to listen until you charge it again, luckily you get quite a few hours of use.

One of the other new features is the ability to automatically turn on and off the headphones by plugging in or removing the cable that comes with it you can also turn them on or off by pressing and holding the battery indicator.

Unboxing : 

First things first this headphones comes with a black tangle free cable and that is actually pretty good because it gives it that very low profile pair of headphones and having to use a red cable would definitely take away that from it, however it is just a straight cable so there is no inline remote and it also comes with the red cable that does feature the inline remote for those of you who are looking for that and for The Travelers you get a hard shell carrying case that will definitely provide protection from Impact or anything of the sort, however we wish it had something to hold the accessories as if you bring cables along with you, there won't have a place to sit securely in. 

Sound Quality :

And now what you've all been waiting for, the sound quality now may not come as much of a surprise but they sound exactly like the new Studios, Beats did really a great job improving the sound quality of the new Studios over the older headphones in the line and we are glad to report that the studio Wireless carry the same great sound quality, you have great clarity without overpowering bass that many have complained about in the past, vocals are very clear and you can hear high-pitch sounds comes in more nicely and the bass is more controlled but it's still very pleasant as someone who loves bass I wasn't disappointed at all however if you're coming from something like the old Studios don't expect to have the same amount of bass, while almost of you loves bass but you can definitely appreciate it when it's more controlled because it allows you to hear a lot more of the other stuff going on in the music which these headphones do a pretty good job of bringing it into your ears.

Now we all know Beats are great for genres like rap, dubstep and hip-hop but these also do really well on other genres that aren't so bass heavy beats is very smart for caring over the sound quality and just about everything else from the new Studios over to the studio Wireless, the Beats studio wireless are essentially the exact same headphones as the new Studios but with Bluetooth features, if having Bluetooth features is an issue for you though we would suggest saving a little cash and going with the new Studios instead, these aren't the first Bluetooth headphones in this price range but it's still a hard hit on the pocket for most people so you really want to take that in consideration, how much you want the Bluetooth features and what it offers. 

Beats Studio wireless

Conclusion : 

Finally the Beats Studio Wireless is an amazing headphones especially the Black Matte Version it looks incredible because it's very low-key, you can't really even tell that you're wearing Beats unless you got up close, and it's very low profile, really good stuff, really nice design, and like we have said above this headphones is pretty much like the new studios even when it comes to sound quality but with some Wireless features and it definitely worth it, if you are just looking for a pair of headphones to enjoy music with a high sound quality you can just go with the regular Studios, is up to you how much you value the wireless bluetooth feature.

What we Liked :

  • Confort
  • Sound Quality
  • Ergonomic
  • Design
What we didn't Liked :
  • Price
Wireless Version

Price : 251.06 $

Wireless Version

Wired Version

                                                   Price : 159.99$

Wired Version

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