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Review : Ultimate Sennheiser HD8 DJ Headphones

Written By Med on Thursday, March 27, 2014 | 3:36:00 PM

When we think of a model for pro DJ, Sennheiser, although market leader helmets is not the brand that immediately comes to mind. Pioneer or Sony are increasingly popular effect on this sector. But with its new HD DJ range including the HD8 DJ that we have just received, Sennheiser is a good chance to change that.

Sennheiser HD8 DJ

The German brand Sennheiser is actually everywhere and fought on all fronts of headphones market . On the occasion of the last CES in Las Vegas in early January, it announced three new headsets dedicated to pro deejing sector: the HD6 Mix, DJ The HD7 and HD8 DJ.
Among them, the HD8 DJ is the top model, cost about 389 $, and we can already tell you that we believe it is necessary as a new benchmark in its category.

   Ergonomic comfort, durability and functionality 4/5 

The HD8 DJ  comes with two rather bulky cables, one type "right" and the other spiral, which suited the needs of professionals. These cables are removable and can either connect to the right or left atrium. Personally, we would have liked a shorter cord and discreet, with microphone and controls for smartphone, is also provided for portable use. Because, in our opinion, this helmet HD8 is great for DJs, but also has all the qualities required for use at home or on the go.This is why we decided to give a rating of 4/5 for ergonomics and not 5/5.

Unboxing Sennheiser HD8 DJ

The construction of the HD8 DJ successfully combines simplicity, elegance, robustness and high functionality. The arch is a very flexible rubber band, well padded, twisting easily so that you can quickly grab the helmet on the fly and place it on the head. The joints are made of metal and allow very precise positioning of the ear opposite the hearing pavilions. On ingenious ball, also metal, give the possibility of turning the atria 270 °, independently of one another, or to fold the headphones itself and store it in its case, or to a control with one ear while listening to the live sound in the room is to place the arch more or less towards the back of the skull (three positions).

Sennheiser HD8 DJ

Tightening the headband ensures a good compromise between comfort, sound insulation and maintenance. You can move with the HD8 on the head without fear it slipping or falling. You can also wear it for hours without getting too tired. The ear cushions are stuffed and two pairs are present in the package, with a faux leather trim and the other covered with felt.
Finally with regard to the technical aspect, the HD8 DJ is equipped with transducers quite similar to the famous HD25-1 II. We find the same type of diaphragm, in particular relatively slightly milky appearance, translucent, of 38/40 mm in diameter. These transducers are mounted slightly unhinged here, certainly provide a better sense of spatialization.

Sennheiser HD8 DJ

   Audio: power, presence and prĂ©cision 5 / 5

At listening, Sennheiser DJ HD8 is not neutral, and you may be surprised you, in light curves of measures that we have assigned a rating of 5/5 to this helmet. However, for pro headphones aimed at DJ, it has everything you need and even more on some criteria: low monumental, excellent power handling, detail and precision ...

During our tests , we noticed that the two pairs of pads provide significantly different results . Those leather finish are thinner and provide a more balanced response curve between the bass and treble . The dress felt pads , wider , promote them on bass. The response curve is then down , but with less pronounced accidents.
In both configurations, a fairly large hollow persists in the upper midrange area between 2 kHz and 8 kHz. This deficit , however, fairly strong measures , is not so obvious to the listener. It results in female voices stamped a little lower , a little more guttural than usual , which is actually not unpleasant.
Anyway , the Sennheiser DJ HD8 displays a sacred propensity to see the big picture . It is of high accuracy and transparency , with a very clean sound. With good performance, it is not too hard to feed ( iPhone may suffice) , but it also reveals all the qualities or defects of the source or mix you are listening . With poorly compressed audio files , it can easily indulge in a bit of hardness, but controlled , it can also show full of sweetness and definition. For a helmet aimed at professional sound is what you would expect : to hear what is capable source.

The HD8 DJ excels in modern and upbeat music , but it is also very convincing in pop or folk . Its low down in the subwoofer with a lot of weight and good percussion, there is no lag or slow . They are modulated with many nuances and delicacy. The sound is muscular, fast and gives a great feeling of space , of breathing. It is not confined or stifled , he lives with a lot of energy. Sennheiser DJ HD8 is a helmet that makes you want to turn up the volume to feel like a dancefloor.


- Type: closed circum-aural headphones
- Drivers: 1 x 40 mm headset by electrodynamic
- Frequency Response: 8 Hz to 30 kHz (manufacturer data)
- Impedance: 95 ohms (manufacturer data)
- Sensitivity: 115 dB / 1 kHz / 1 Vrms (manufacturer data)
- Power Handling Capacity: 500 mW (manufacturer data)
- Accessories: carrying case, two cables (right 3 m and an expandable 1.5 to 3 m spiral), 6.35mm adapter, two pairs of pads for different ear
- Weight: 284 g


Sennheiser DJ HD8 is among the best pro headphones we know. Its construction is both very clever and very serious, ready to take heavy use. Sound rendering is certainly not neutral, but masterful, with low a rare quality, great precision, impact and transparency. I will definitely recommend you to buy it !

Price : 299,99 $ ( it's a very nice price for a headphones like this )

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