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Test Soul By Ludacris SL300 Headphones

Written By Med on Tuesday, March 18, 2014 | 7:45:00 AM

The last week, I had the opportunity to test the SL300 headphones upscale brand Soul by Ludacris . So i propose in this article to share my opinion on the SL300 .

Box contents :

At the opening of the box we find exactly the same accessories as the SL100 except the hard case which is much larger. In the final box contains :

 The SL300 headphones
Audio cable with a wired remote (which has the particularity of not tangle )
Audio cable without a wired remote control
Two batteries for the system noise reduction
Two adapters (one especially for the plane! )
A cleaning sheet
the manual

We can say that the box is very well supplied , there is everything you need to pamper the helmet. Note that these cables are very very good qualities.

Soul By Ludacris Sl300 Headphones

New features compared to the SL100 :

Compared to the SL100 , SL300 headphones offers the few technologies more. The helmet carries two AAA batteries to operate the noise canceling technology . This technology did not exist in the SL100 , you can listen to music in absolute silence. To change the batteries , nothing more simple, you simply need to remove the cover that is on the side of the helmet. It is possible to enable or disable this mode when you want, with a small button on the side of the hoop.

Another small enough funny and trendy, it is possible to turn a bright circle on each side of the helmet with another button on the headband of the headphones . It is important to note that the headset is compatible with all iphones, ipods and all mobile devices with a Jack output .

Soul By Ludacris Sl300 headphones

A comfortable headphones with a very good design:

Upon opening the Box I noticed a very nice design , we have before us a truly high fashion headphones with beautiful finishes . Black and gold are the colors that blend well with the helmet. Pads on each side of the helmet are very comfortable. We really make a solid and robust helmet ! In contrast, the SL300 is relatively heavy (259 grams to be exact) , after 2.3 hours of listening the weight of the helmet on the head and it clearly feels it can hurt the cervical spine for the most fragile.

Note that the headset folds into two carefree , and easily fits into cover .

SL100 VS SL300 :

Compared to the SL100 SL300 is larger , more robust and therefore necessarily heavier , I offer below some pictures to give you an overview of the two models in comparison :

Soul SL100 VS SL300 Headphones

Sound good but can be a bit too expensive :

After using it for 3 weeks ready , I find the sound quality much better than the SL100 . Superior quality but not obvious ! The bass is always dynamic . The mids and highs are quite clear and restore the best musical balance. I would add that the SL300 is very versatile, you can play all kinds of music without worry ( rap to classical to rock !) .

However I was very disappointed by the Hearing system. Although there is an almost perfect sound insulation , music is seen completely transformed with this mode enabled . So I had to resign myself to not listen to music in passive mode.

In the end I found it very interesting helmet. However, although the sound quality is good, it does not justify in any way to pay 150 $ for this helmet. Compared to the SL100 which is worth 57 $ sound difference is not obvious. This is why I would recommend you to buy the SL100 headphones .

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