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Review : The Amazing Sony DRB-TN200 Headphones !

Written By Med on Tuesday, June 10, 2014 | 8:58:00 AM

Sony DRB-TN200 Headphones

To listen to your music or make calls hands-free mode, this Sony Bluetooth headset offers an excellent sound and a very nice features to simplify your life.

Sony DRB-TN200 Headphones

Very Significant Hearing Performance :

The Bluetooth headset SONY DRB-TN200 is a concentrate of technology. With a frequency response of 10 to 24,000 Hz and a sensitivity of 40 dB, it offers excellent rendering of acute as serious. It consists of an adjustable headband to fit your head and two-ear headphones with a diaphragm measuring 30 mm. The swivel ear cups are ideal for foam surround the ear gently, without hurting or irritating, even after several hours of use. Closed monitoring system of this Bluetooth headset provides excellent bass frequencies. In addition, people who are around you, will not be embarrassed by your music.

Sony DRB-TN200 Headphones

Sony DRB-TN200 Headphones
Exellent Bluetooth Headset : 

The SONY DRB-TN200 is a wireless headphones which you can connect your devices through the Bluetooth headset connection. NFC (One Touch Connection) technology allows you to attached it very easily by simply pressing a button. This headset has a talk time of 40 hours use and nearly 800 hours standby. It runs on a rechargeable battery via the supplied USB device cable. To easily access the controls, these are arranged on the left side of the listener. You can pick up the phone directly, adjust the volume or skip to the next song in a single move.

Conclusion : 

The sound quality is outstanding whether for music or taking a call.
The battery life is very good. The controls on the headset make it practical use (volume control, play / pause, previous / next song and answer button). In short, a helmet that has surprised me.

For the price, this amazing headphones cost about 83 $ ( White color ), and 73 $ ( Black color ), i think that the price is incredible, for me this one is worth more than 100 $ !

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