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Bose QuietComfort QC20 : Best Noise Cancelling Earbuds

Written By Med on Wednesday, August 17, 2016 | 7:31:00 AM

Bose QuietComfort QC20

When it comes to noise reduction technology Bose is the one to trust. So far, This American company has only showed us on-ear headphones models. So the QuietComfort QC20 will be then the first in-ear headphones for the manufacturer. The challenge here for Bose is to integrate that technology in these models. It's actually already done, and it is even successful.

An Earbud For Everybody !

The comfort of in-ear headphones has never really convinced us. A taste of history, we are fully aware. Without questioning the audio quality of this type of headphones (there are very good and very bad) we physically find it too intrusive. Bose QC20 adopt silicone tips which are much less aggressive. The tips that has a funnel shape are not intended to be pressed into the ear canal, but just to put it in place against it. A small, flexible and curved holder ensures that the earbuds stays in the ear. Whether walking, pedaling or practicing any other kind of activities, a concern that really bother us when it comes to in-ear headphones. Three tips of different sizes comes with the QC20 to maximize comfort, To ensure a bit more the stability of the earbuds. Bose has also include a little clip on the earbuds runs along the cable to prevents it from swinging.

Bose QuietComfort QC20
The QC20 have an aspect more classical with a bit thick and resistant cable of 1.3 meters which separates in Y shape to make room for the headphones. The base of the Y hosts a remote control. It differs depending on the QC20 model. The QC20 "full stop", designed for Android, BlackBerry and Windows, offers a remote control with two buttons: one for receiving calls and another for selecting the reduction mode. The QC20i addresses the ecosystem iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod) with two additional buttons to adjust the volume. Bose provides a small carrying case with QC20.The Bose QC20 is distinguished by the presence of a small box at the bottom. This one have all the electronics and the battery that stores the energy needed for its operation which is the noise cancelling technology. Although its size is particularly small, its presence can be a bit disturbing for some of you.

2 Modes Of Noise Reduction :

Reducing active noise based on reversing to avoid any signal information considered noisy. Each earpiece QC20 carries two mini-microphones; one for sensing ambient noise and the other one for the music. Both signals are collected and sent to the box that performs active noise reduction.
In-ear headphones have the advantage of already being particularly insulating. They shut ears to inject a single audio stream. In a "normal" environment, conventional in-ear models will be enough to cut the outside world. The QC20 is therefore available to people wanting to cut their surrounding completely or moving regularly in very noisy places. Bose active reduction is very very effective, it is undeniable. With a QC20 on the ears, you only hear the music.

Aware that it is sometimes is good to be attentive to your environment (to track announcements on stations or airports for example), Bose has introduced a second noise reduction mode: the Aware mode. It allows you to hear the surrounding voices, so you can hear informative messages or to make a conversation without removing the headphones. 

The passage between the two reduction modes is via the small dedicated button on the edge of the remote.

Sound Quality :

The QC20 is an active noise cancelling headphones, it expresses its full measure when it is on. It has a Bose signature with a slight predominance in its sound reproduction without ignoring other parts of the audio spectrum. Bass, midrange and treble are present with a nice balance. The sound is powerful, full, precise and dynamic. The audio quality is achieved with the active noise reduction. Be sure, that the headset also works in passive mode or when the battery of the noise reduction box is dead. But the audio becomes much less bright with a loss in the bass and a general flattening. The dynamic is also affected and of course you can’t use the noise cancelling technology. One tip, do not forget to reload the QC20! Bose provides a small micro USB cable for this purpose. Once charged, the battery easily lasts over ten hours. Bose announces up to 16 hours of battery life which is pretty good actually.

Bose QuietComfort QC20

The QC20 and its companion iOS QC20i are unquestionably reached technical and audio success. A headphones that brought comfort to the in-ear family, and which delivers a great sound quality by controlling the noise reduction.

Specs :

Length                         : 132 cm
Weight                         : 44g
Accessories Included  : 3 Ear cups (S, M, L)  - Carrying Box
Battery                         : Lithium-ion - 2 Hours To Charge - 16 Hours Of Battery Life
Product                        : Noise Cancelling In-Ear Headphones 

Pros & Cons :

Pros  : Sound Quality, Active Noise Reduction, Comfort
Cons : Price, Plastique Tips, The disturbing noise cancelling box, Sound quality on passive mode 

Conclusion : 

QuietComfort QC20 : The first in-ear model from Bose with the active noise cancelling technology delivers an excellent sound quality while providing undeniable comfort.

Price : 249.00 $

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