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High-End Lightning Headphones For 2016

Written By Med on Thursday, August 11, 2016 | 7:16:00 AM

There are rumors of the next iPhone not having any headphone jack at all and couple of other phones too, we are not sure yet but with the recent influx of all these new lightning headphones that we are seeing now from many manufactures it seems like we are going to see a new iPhone with no headphone jack, so by getting rid of it Apple will be lift with two options with the built-in headphones that they include with every iPhone box ever, which would be either make them lightning headphones now instead of regular ones or make them wireless earbuds or the third option which is not include them anymore.. hopefully they don't do that. Bluetooth headphones can be pretty good but they're also easier to loose as they are wireless and they are a little bit more expensive too, so that's why a lot of people are seeing apple going with the lightning headphones as their bundle for the next iPhone assuming it doesn't have a headphones jack. Now some of you may be upset but lightning headphones are pretty good actually, and you may wanna change your mind after seeing these dope headphones. So let's get started !

1- Philips Fidelio 

Philips Fidelio M2L

Philips Fidelio M2L

This headphone is the simpliest implementation you can found, so they are on ear headphones, pretty simple design, they have leather all around the outside and plastic everywhere else, there is nothing flashy about the design but they look like a normal pair of headphones and they connect thru the lightning port, they also have a built in dac (digital analog converter) the dac is actually in the headphones, so it's not built in the cable or anywhere you can see it but you can do that with the digital signal now since when you go thru the lightning port you're not relying on the iPhone dac anymore you can rely on the dac built in the headphone to do all the work. They are a little bit bass heavy but they sound pretty good so there is actually nothing to complain about concerning the audio quality. They have a volume rocker on the side to turn the volume up and down on your iPhone while they are plugged in, as pretty much every other pair of headphones ever and also a giant play/pause button on the right side of the headphones, that's pretty clean !

Price : 199,99 $

2- Audeze Sine

Audeze Sine

This one is actually a big step up for the Audeze on the price too, but when you see these you can immediately tell that they are a lot heavier and they are a nice and well built pair of headphones, so there is metal all around, the hitches are metal, the ear cup holders are metal, and there is a sort of sudo leather finish on the back as also the on the ear cups which is kind of nice to feel because it's really soft so there are really comfortable slightly heavier but also slightly better built headphones. This one is also comes with a built in DAC but they put it on the cable on this one so you cam see it, you got the play/pause button, and also for the volume up/down, a microphone for taking calls, and it sort of splits the lightning cable into two plugs one on each ear cup, this headphones is also comes with two different cables one of them is just a lightning cable so it's a lightning end on one side and 3.5mm headphones jack and the built in DAC but the other one is just a regular 3.5mm cable with no built in DAC so you are going to use your phone's DAC, so because of this we get to directly see the difference,  while this one is a big giant pair of headphones with a huge BV drivers that can't really be power to their full potential with the DAC that's in your phone they need some sort of external power so you just going with the 3.5 mm headphone jack you're gonna definitely notice that, turn up the volume on your phone all the way to the max and you will see that the headphone can only stood up to like barely a decent volume and everything stills sounds kind of flat and almost a little weak it's clearly struggling, in your laptop or desktop computer you may not have this problem but when you're on the go most smartphones won't handle this pair of headphones easily some do but most don't, so that's why when you do the lighting you get the bundle in DAC built specifically for these headphones so they fit perfectly, they have just the right amount of power, and the shape of the sound is exactly the way the manufacture wants, and you can definitely hear the difference when you switch over, you get better instruments separation, better volume, tighter bass, more pronunciation in the midst and highs, it's just overall much better sound so the advantage is kind of real with the lightning headphones just because you get the custom built in DAC.

Price : 538 $

So now let's answer the question how do you charge and listen to music at the same time ? the only thing that we could figure is that you'll need to buy a wireless headphones to be able to do that, unless Apple figures something out !

The thing with both of these headphones that we come up with is that they are both pretty premium headphones meaning expensive but we will be curious to see what a cheap pair of lightning earphones or just like a regular pair of lightning earbuds will look like, how cheap could they possibly be, anyway the iPhone 7 is a few months away, we'll get all the answer soon !

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