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Monster DNA Headphones Review

Written By Med on Saturday, February 22, 2014 | 3:16:00 PM

After producing Beats headphones , Monster brand offers its own range . A range that is young , trend, and an electro coat. For two days , I use the Monster DNA . A closed headphones , on-ear with the double promise : design and sound quality.

What's in the box

Monster DNA is sold in a beautifully finished rendering sturdy box , it inspires confidence unpacking. Sealed by a small magnet, it unfolds like patterns cubic we were doing in school. If only we had unpacking us like that, we would all successful in math .

Monster DNA
Nice surprise on opening the box , the size of the folded headphones. Rather compact , we say that it will be practical for everyday use . So we find the DNA helmet folded , flanked by two boxes . One for cables and a microfiber cleaning cloth. The other for the cover . Finally a bag includes a manual, a booklet with information customer service and a flyer for the recycling to the European standard. (Because this headphones it's belong to my friend That lives in europe ) . The manual is actually nice looking, with a beautiful pattern of the auditory system .

The first thing that attracts is : the triangular headphones. Smaller than the usual large round or oval headphones , yet they attract more attention.

Then the color . it's Flashy , almost blur on the inside of the headband. While my model is "Laser Pink" . But yet it remains elegant , the tone is resounding . There are still other colors , the effect is the same: dense, whole colors. From earphones is rather anthracite , smoked , with reflections. Not bad, but messy for manic fingerprints . I appreciate better the presence of microfiber cleaning cloth.

Monster DNA
  Hands on - Ergonomics    

The helmet unfolds easily , and no particular resistance at the same time printing a solid , the material is rigid enough . As soon as its branch cable is felt again that it's tough : there is no game, it adheres well . The next who tried to snatch my helmet in the subway, he will have to run slowly.

For larger heads , the Monster DNA fits over 3.5 cm each side , from 32cm to 37cm maximum . Not as a model for big heads it actually. The Bose QC15 goes from 33 to 39 to give you an idea . The setting is a hard blow hair he has not moved for two days and rest in my size , it is convenient.

The arch itself inside is aluminum , the contour is plastic, but a way of fairly smooth neoprene and actually enjoyable . The inner part is soft to the skull . We do not feel it too . Above the ears the arch is enlarged and does not rub , only cushions come to rest against the ears. With that, the arms of glasses remain in place, an essential detail for all music lovers .

Monster DNA
Cushions that rest on the ears promise toale acoustic insulation. 1.6 cm thick. A bit more than the Bose QC15 (1.4 cm). This is leather . In this season , not annoying at sweating.

If the skull does not feel the helmet (175 grams) , however on the ears , it is good. After three - quarters of an hour , the Monster DNA relies on the ears. Too much, I need a break for 5-6 minutes should the sensation disappears.

The helmet jack is located on the headphones. In fact there are two, well integrated , one on each side. We can use one of them . If there are two, it is also to use the Music Share function and connect a compatible headset to yours . A function that we will use can be less to listen to music and watch a movie on the train, without having to leave a hub for audio jacks .

Monster DNA

  Effective passive isolation     

Monster DNA is not presented as an ANR headset strictly speaking , why there is the Inspiration model. Monster DNA has a techno " Pure Sound" and offers a passive isolation , without batteries , everything is in the design of headphones and their performance.

By trying it without music, just placed on the head , it is true that already isolated a little bit. The sounds are slightly attenuated muted .

Once it sends the sound to the house near a TV or coffee , no problem , one is immersed in his music. And it's not necessarily up the volume . 40 % of the volume of my iPhone, and the sound of my typing on the keyboard is no longer there, the Rolling Stones ( Shelter ) and Nina Simone ( Sinnerman ) take over in my ears. The acoustics of Obadiah Parker ( Hey ya ) is also good, always 40%.

The same songs played this time to a little over 50 % of the volume of the iPhone completely isolate me waffle other customers waiting in the supermarket queue. In the subway , 80 % now I'm alone. No need to go beyond. Alongside a Monster DNA , 80 % of the volume we will not say we hear nothing but overall not aberrant leakage of sound, not looks or remarks assassins neighbors transportation . I'm really quiet .

Monster DNA
  An Amazing Sound                 

These styles of music that still send a lot of bass and mids , I see well though and treble voices like brass . I take the bass but not too much. I understand the details of percussion, bass drum to Clavs but I do not hear it either. Guitars and generally treble are present and do not saturate . On more harmonious styles as very orchestrated soundtracks I feel equally plunged me in the mood.

When playing a movie, the voices are clear , the effects of pending return correctly. The sound effects also when a character falls to the ground or flakes , the details , the texture of sound reach us well in the ears . After 1h:50min , no headache.

A phone call, the sound is a bit robotic and resonates a little. The parties hear a bit far compared to a standard headset, the microphone is two times lower effect on Apple earpods . 

Monster DNA And QC 15
When I play the same song at the same volume setting (50%) with the Monster DNA and then with Apple earpods headphones and then with the Bose QC 15 ,I want to throw myself on the volume setting . While the Bose isolates very well , suddenly the sound seems lower. But especially with the Bose sound seems like a bit cold suddenly . iPhone Headphones outright attack me after these two helmets, earpods saturate and hurt the ears.

Monster DNA is powerful. Yet it does not saturate and do not hurt my ears. Even without active attenuation of ambient noise it insulates enough . This headset sends a deep, warm and with the nuances necessary to enjoy a little bass and also other ranges of sounds. A nice surprise for a modern listener but varied music .


Monster DNA is supplied with two cables. Flat cables . However, I am a pro usual with standard cables , but now I have not been able to create knots. After two days in my pockets and the bottom of my handbag , the promise held flat cables : no knots. Plugs are standard in the 3.5 mm minijack . In case of problems it is easy to replace , a good point.

The first cable includes a remote control . Length 127 cm, a bit longer than the standard ( 115cm ) Apple earphones. A small sticker of input that is optimized for iPhone and iPod announcement, nothing is guaranteed with other devices. On my iPhone 5 everything works. I can pause and resume or play on the volume of the song , even when I listen to the radio from a third party app and I'm playing a game .

The second cable is a cable Share Music , a cable with two male outputs. If you want to connect another headset to yours and make the round with your buddies , to operate the second dose of Monster DNA . Is used or not this possibility, at least provides us systematically Monster cable.

A black wallet, in a sort of nubuck is qualitative enough to touch, thick enough and is waterproof. This package already has good size , yet it has no reinforcements or protection. It doesn't take a lot of space and it does not leave peace of mind if you need to cram his helmet in the middle of a big bag already shielded . At the same time , Monster emphasizes quality headset DNA , and it is true that for two days this is the impression I have. So, will I take the bet and daily will cover this in the box. 

Montser DNA Accessories

The Monster 2013 products want to differentiate itself from the Beats but they remain positioned in a world of dynamic music , music on the move and send bass. This could not be truer for the Monster DNA . The good news is that it is not extreme . Rich bass, it remains balanced and also leaves other sounds exist.

There are already a lot of helmets design , colorful and original on the market. But often these models fashion fish side audio and sturdiness perfs . Monster DNA instead is a sturdy product aesthetics we like it or not, but it is noticeable . A strong aesthetic product, which still sends the block and knows how to save you a good deal of ambient bazaar. But on extended listening could be nicer, it supports much damage on the ears as if for once it is a device " 2 in 1" works .

Price : 93 $

 - That's it for now , don't forget to help us by sharing this review if you liked it and give it some love , see you next time .

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